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Name: Psych
Nicknames: Psy
Age: Unknown Looks 18
Species: Null Hedgehog (Null power instead of Chaos)
Gender: Male
Height: 3 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 89 lbs.
IQ: 304
Marital Status: In Relationship with Elena the Vamphog
DOB: Possibly September 27
Birth Place: Dr. Bester's Laboratory
Residence: N/A
Occupation: Adventurer/Wanderer
Social Class: Emotionless Seeker
Economic Class: Middle Class
Alignment: Anti-Hero
Top Speed: M 2.45?(Highest calculated)
Basic Stats: (added numbers cannot exceed 40)
Agility - 
Speed - 
Strength - 
Defense - 
Evasiveness - 
Dexterity - 
Intelligence - 
Skill -

Special Attacks: Null Reflection; Null Barrier; Null Explosion; Clone Null;
Abilities & Aptitude: Cancel out external energies; Break sound barrier (TWICE!!); Can control flow of space; Fights using a mix of Sonic and Shadow's movements as well as karate and breakdance moves
Hobbies & Talents: Likes to Rap; Taking on new challenges; Walking around unknown areas
Weaknesses: Can not swim or fly (float, levitate, etc.…); Cannot perform well in extreme areas; Weak against gravity type attacks; and Has weak eyesight
(These do no include weaknesses already mention in Basic Stats)
Personal facts:
Friends: Jazelo Chaosi, Kaizuto Kazuma, Abdie, Celesti Ephemeral,
Arielle the Hedgecat, Conner, Meteor, Ace of Spades, Devon, Sorrow,
Raiko, plus many more!!! (Will be added later)
Rivals: Abdie, Kaizuto Kazuma, Conner
Enemies: Mephiles, Nazo, Redonic
Known relatives: Unknown
Likes/Favorite activities: Relaxing to music, Walking around lively
areas, Watching Sunrise/Sunset, High places, the Wind
Dislikes/Least favorite activities: Rushing activities, Obnoxious sound,
Bland food, Waiting on someone, Parties, Meetings
Gourmet of choice: Japanese food preferably Curry
Beverages of choice: Apple Juice, Grape Juice, Water
Favorite color(s): Blue
Personality: Shows practically no emotions due to his creator trying to the Null Emerald that was fused with him during his creation took most of them.  On occasion will show signs of anger, hate, and sorrow, along with other negative emotions.  Though he does not display his concern, Psych cares deeply for those he considers friends or comrades and will not hesitate to take the bullet for them. He does not like to go forward without a plan, but likes to fulfill a plan quickly.
Physical Appearance:
Normal Mobian hedgehog that always looks dissatisfied
Color: Black and Green
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Peach Muzzle and Chest, Black Arms with
Green Hands and Black Legs with Green Markings on sides
Eye Color: Red with Dark Red Pupil
Hair/Quill Style: Green Hair, Sonic Quill style
Nose: Black
Ears: Dark Grey
Tail: Dark Grey with Green Tip
Other bodily features: N/A
Attire: Olive Green sleeveless shirt with Red flame makings, Black baggy
jeans, Black and Olive Green shoes with Golden straps, Golden bands
(Resemble Shadow's), White gloves with Red markings
Items & Weapons: MAC (Red Headset with Black Arrow-like Markings)
Vehicles: N/A
Theme song: Twister by Mai Matsuda & Libera Me From Hell instrumental
Back Story:
2 years after Nazo was destroyed, a certain scientist found an element foreign to the earth.  He thought it the perfect final addition for his newly created experiment.  After 3 weeks of what was thought to be an impossible fusion, Psych had come into being.  He awoke and did not show any type of emotion towards anything that his creator took note of.  Psych took part in various experiments so the doctor could test his physical, energy, and mental capabilities; that is when the unthinkable happened.  During one of Psych's tests, the doctor saw that the element was absorbing the Chaos energy that his body generated; which led the doctor to dubbing the element the Null Element.  After seeing this, the doctor decided to have Psych absorb a large amount of Chaos energy equivalent to Shadow's Chaos Blast.  This created disastrous results, for a brief moment, Psych exhibited control and transformed into a new being.  Afterwards, the energy exploded and Psych became what the doctor described as "A Demon from the Depths."  Psych destroyed the entire lab, but right before he was going to kill the doctor, all the Chaos energy vanished and he passed out.  The doctor saw that after the energy dissipated Psych returned to normal, but did not know what the two forms Psych transformed into were.  To avoid another such calamity, the doctor created an AI system named MAC, programmed 5 "locks" into MAC, and placed her/it on Psych to seal and control the Null Element's absorbing capabilities.  After Psych woke up, he began testing again and the doctor notice dramatic drops in his capabilities.  He hypothesized that the "locks" in MAC were keeping the Null Element from assisting Psych and thus reducing his abilities; and with each lock released, a portion of that power will return to Psych.  He also guessed that because Psych had practically no experience or control over the Null Element's output, he went into a berserk rage after the element reached its peak.  Thus, he programmed another function into MAC, a monitoring program that will keep Psych from ever accessing 100% of the Null Elements power himself until he can control more than 75% of the Null Element's power.  The doctor's final act was to erase Psych's memory and seal him inside of capsule.  His final words before Psych closed his eyes were, "You carry my hope and dreams on your shoulders.  The burden will be heavy, but I know you can handle it.  Please, learn to control your powers and when you do, find what it is you need to live for."  With this Psych never saw him again.  A hedgehog named Jay woke him up many years later and Psych now travels with him.  He wonders why he has no memory from before Jay found him in the capsule, but he does remember the last words he heard, too bad he does not know what they meant or who said them.
Here ya go! After such a long time of having Psych, here is his finished BIO AND BACKSTORY!!!

Edit: Put that he is in a relationship! 8D


Psych (c) :iconawesomeness1010:
Pic (c) :iconserafinathehedgehog:
RioMarley-Limbo75 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aint I yo friend D:
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You finally finished. Nice. And its Kazama bro. XDD
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